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Welcome to our Casa! Our home was built in 1969 and when we purchased it, the décor was every bit of the decade. If I could name my style, it'd be country farmhouse cottage. If that makes any sense! Our dream one day is to own a country farmhouse but until then we are happily renovating our first home and breathing new life into it! We bought our home in July 2011 so there is a little progress but not much. Thanks for the visit!

When we pulled up to our house for the first time I immediately thought, those bushes have to go! I mean seriously, they were so overgrown they were growing up the brick! These bushes have seen better days, which was probably 40 years ago when they were first planted.

Sorry about the quality, I didn't take any exterior photos at the time!

As you can see, the house needed some love. Those bushes had to go, like yesterday. What I thought would be a simple removal turned out to be a major process! Those bushes weren't going without a fight. I have never seen roots so thick before but once they were removed, it was like our house breathed a sigh of relief!

AFTER: Coming Soon!

Living Room:
Walking into the house puts your right in the living room. I am not happy with the living room during the after but it is a work in progress and looks better than when we moved in! The carpet was so old and dirty I refused walking on it with bare feet. Ew!

Ugly carpet and ugly walls!

View from the front door

Although these photos are hideous, I immediately saw potential and started loving the bones of the house!

AFTER: Coming Soon!

The kitchen is the room that has had the most attention. We are currently finishing up the unfinished projects and only have three major changes left to do! We want to replace the door leading into the sunroom with a full glass door to let in more light. Our house sits in shade so any light in the kitchen will be fantastic! Also, we want to replace the flooring and add more outlets on the walls and on the island.

Three different colored appliances!
We recently finished all of our unfinished projects in the kitchen! I am happy to share "progress" pictures with you all. I love how the kitchen has turned out. I shared what else we have up our sleeve before the kitchen can be a true "after" in this post. However, is a room ever truly complete? :)


Dining Room:
I have big plans for the dining room. I cant wait to share my inspiration board with you all!

Again, sorry for the quality!

AFTER: Coming Soon!

I think the selling point for us was the sunroom. What's funny is we don't use it as much as we thought we would! Not much has been done to this area of the house either, however like the other rooms we have big plans. Check out our list of things to do to see what it's future holds!

My handsome mister ;)
After: Coming Soon!

Basement Family Room:
This half of the basement is the finished part. On the other side is a brick fireplace, I just didn't get a clear(ish) picture of it. We got right to work in this area because there were some issues with the foundation and when we pulled the carpet up noticed a few leaks. Luckily my handy man fixed the issues but the hard work continued. We tore down the paneling and he dry-walled the room instead. I will share an updated picture soon. He built a special spot underneath the stairs for our daughters that deserves a post on its own. I am still working on decorating it and then I will share once it's finished!

I know... I know... poor quality! :)

AFTER: Coming Soon!

Basement Laundry/Office:
This is probably the area I am the most excited about! This not only will turn into a laundry room but also a scrapbook/office room! I cant wait. I love to scrapbook and having a space to my own where I can keep my stuff out and organized will be a dream come true. I am also excited about having a laundry room to decorate. I am looking into front loaders and have several vintage laundry décor items ready to be displayed. One of them is in the picture at the top of the blog :).

The only time this area has been clean and clutter free! ;)
The area towards the back near the furnace will be our new laundry room. We are going to move the plumbing and frame up a wall. This will give us more space for the scrapbook/office. I'm thinking the actual office part will be where the washer/dryer is. The other side of the room (not pictured) is big enough for an "l" shaped table. I can't wait to add cabinets and get this area put to use. In the mean time, just picture mounds of laundry, clutter from lack of storage, and a catch all for the rest of the house ;).

AFTER: Coming Soon!

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