Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Raised Garden Bed

We have high plans for our backyard and a garden was one of them! So for Mother's Day and our anniversary, my hubby built me my very own. We finished it over the weekend and I am so excited and already looking ahead to when I can start canning! I have never done that before either but I am excited to learn.

It was his idea to add the ledge and I love it. It makes for a great seat. Oh and never mind our patchy yard, we have plans to level out the entire backyard which is why the garden bed looks uneven!

I am not one who likes to sweat and be around bugs. However, I have wanted a garden for about two years now. I think I can push through the bug issue when the garden gets further along. I already have plans on buying gloves so I don't have to pick anything off barehanded. Hopefully. I am a beginner, so we shall see. HA! I love it so far. My daughters love going outside with me every afternoon to check on the progress. I was worried about overcrowding so the other day my hubby built a lower level off of the garden bed and this is where we planted watermelon, spinach, and pumpkin. My cherry tomato plant went down there as well!

Up top we planted: red, yellow, and orange bell peppers, carrots, romaine and iceberg lettuce, roma tomatoes, better boy tomatoes, zucchini, and yellow squash.

We walked out this morning and saw our Better Boy tomatoes starting to flower! I also have an issue with ants. I sent out a plea on Facebook and a friend soon brought over cayenne pepper which i sprinkled all over the garden. I had tried cinnamon but it didn't work!

Recently, I created a budget list as one of my final projects in school that was for a raised garden bed. So I know these can be done inexpensively. I will share with you the supply list for a basic raised garden bed and what we spent for ours later this week :).

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