Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY Washi Tape Frame

If you were to visit my house and I gave you a tour you'd probably start questioning my cleaning abilities once we got to the basement. We have a partial basement and only one half of that is finished. It's become a dumping ground, especially in the unfinished side. Beyond home d├ęcor and DIY projects I enjoy scrapbooking. The unfinished side will eventually become a scrapbook room/office but until then, it's where we store clutter.

Included in the clutter are items I've purchased at thrift stores or yard sales waiting for a new life. Thrift store visits like... last summer. This frame was one of those purchases. I can't remember how much it was but I'm sure it was only a few dollars.

Isn't she a beaut?
I have a faux entryway nook in my living room and the area has been looking a little drab. Last year, my house was decorated for every holiday, this year? Not so much. Recently, we found a dresser that fits perfectly in the nook and it has inspired me to pretty up the area again. This is where the Washi Tape comes in.

I love Washi Tape. It comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns and you can maneuver it without leaving any residue behind. Since I scrapbook, it's the perfect embellishment. It's also the perfect accent to any project outside of scrapbooking, like my frame.

I started wrapping different pieces of tape around my frame without following a specific pattern. If it looked good, it went on. If a color was needed more in one area it was added. Simple process for quick project.

Since some of the Washi Tape I have is transparent, the wood frame was showing through beyond my liking. Another muse of mine is to browse the "oops" paint section of Home Depot. Often times they have test pots in pretty colors for only $.50! It's totally worth taking a look.

I must admit, waiting for paint to dry is horrible! I was so ready to put my tape back on and see how cute it'd end up being. I had to busy myself with other things. While I waited, I browsed my free printables & downloads board on Pinterest. I found the perfect printable that was free, colorful, and cute!

Is that not adorable? It comes in a bunch of different colors as well! I chose yellow because it seemed to add more brightness and color than the other options. Although, all of the other options are equally amazing!

So for roughly less than $5, I have a colorful new frame to display in my home!

It looks so nice against our gray walls and next to my white bulb vases! I like these types of projects, cheap, cute, and home made!

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