Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Dining Room Mood Board

I love making mood boards for my home! It gives me and my hubby a feel of how the room could possibly look. It also brings us on the same page so we're not arguing when one doesn't understand the other. If I'm not explaining how I want our dining room table, I just refer to the mood board. If I want to remember to DIY a certain element, I refer to the mood board. Everything I would like for a space is all on one image. Such a good idea them mood boards! Before I share our inspiration, let's look at some befores.

When we moved into our home, our dining room looked like this:

I need a moment to process how little my oldest daughter was in this photo. My youngest daughter is about that age now! Ok, moving on. Like the rest of the house, the dining room was old and outdated. It hosted our pub height dining table brought from our apartment up until January! As in, January 2013! Since our old table had a seating for four we didn't really use the room that much. Slowly, we've worked on updating in here. We replaced the carpet, curtains and switched out the broken sliders for French doors. They open up to the sunroom so on cool breezy days we keep them open. Here is how our dining room looks now:

I know what you're thinking. Contact Better Homes and Gardens right? NO? Well I wouldn't either. Especially with the missing trim and the unpainted French doors ;). What I love about this room is my table. Have you heard of Ana-White? I hope so, she's amazing. My hubby built this table for me from this plan. The chairs stick out like a sore thumb but I plan on sanding them down and painting them a navy. It's going to all make sense when it's finished! At least I hope so, because that's what I've been telling all of my friends and family. :)

Here is the direction I want to take the room:

As you can see I already have my farmhouse table ;). Progress people. What I love most and what I am trying to get my hubby to do next are the shelves. I want the long wall (that you cant see in the picture) to have is a layer of shelves like in the mood board. I have a bunch of vintage kitchen d├ęcor that I am eager to display and I'd like to try my hand at DIY'n a clock. Those pallet frames? Amazing! We have a big stack of pallets in our back yard (should I admit that?) so I probably could knock this out now ;). I haven't decided on a wall color but I'm assuming it'll be in the brown family. I originally wanted to stay away from builder beige but we'll see :).

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  1. I absolutely love that light fixture!!! That makeover is going to look amazing.

  2. The room will look beautiful when you're all finished- it already looks awesome...!