Monday, August 5, 2013

Worlds Longest Yard Sale & Weekend Deals

Yard sales are my kind of thing. I love them. About as much as I love Frappuccino's and I love me some Frappuccino's! I was so excited when I figured out the Worlds Longest Yard Sale was happening over the weekend. It runs right through my town and traveling a little further north or south will almost always guarantee good deals. Since part of the sale was literally one street over I was kind of bummed I didn't read anything about it through our city flyer. I mean really, that's important information!

I didn't find a whole lot, I had my girls with me so traveling to where we did was a headache and I wasn't up for going any further. However, I did manage to spend a whopping $5.50! Here are some of my goodies:

I bought all of these embroidery hoops for $1! One whole dollar! They are about $2-$5 depending on the size at Joann's. I felt I scored a deal. I cant wait to create some of the projects I've pinned on Pinterest using these. I think a few might go in my daughter's play house which is what I'm currently working on! It's almost finished and I can't wait to share it with you.

I also scored these two trays! The top bronze tray was $.25!! I mean come on, a little spray paint and I can fully give it my heart. The bottom tray I snagged for $1 and I think it'll look good in my sunroom as well. Never mind the unfinished pallet table, I plan to share that with you as well... once I get it finished ;).

I forgot to take a picture of my other finds but I found a wooden box with a snowman painted on the front that I plan on painting over and using for storage/décor. I also found another wooden box and a few picture frames. The lady gave it all to me for $2.50!

I think that was a lot of great stuff for very little money!

On Sunday, I finally found the perfect vintage scale for my kitchen. I have searched for one for over a year! I've looked on Etsy, in yard sales even at the antique malls and haven't found anything. Well, I have found them on Etsy but the prices were a little hard to swallow. I got this beauty for $25:

I love it. They had a mint colored one but I figured this rusty ol' thing would fit my kitchen better. From the same store I also bought this side table. It looks so pretty in my sunroom, the décor is temporary but I think it looks cute!

I was going to leave the box my mason jars are on as is but that big brown spot is sort of bugging me! I guess that adds another project to my list! ;)

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  1. Nice post! I've been wanting to get some mason jars for a while. I saw some at the grocery store the other day I may purchase. Check out my blog!

    1. Thank you for the visit! I highly recommend Mason jars, they are great for storage and for display. You won't be disappointed :).

    2. Ok thanks! I'm definitely going to get them! And other good news is I actually found a set of glass hinged jars in the kitchen cabinets. I just wrote a blog and posted pics to share with everyone!!

  2. Looks like you scored some good finds! I love the old scale, very cool!