Monday, August 19, 2013

Outdoor Patio

Our backyard needs help. When we moved in, the fence was lined with overgrown bushes and weeds. There was even a cluster of weeds in the middle of the yard. Bugs were awful! So last fall, my hubby and his dad worked on removing ALL of the shrubs. Let me share a picture of that with you...

 Fugly huh? You can see exactly how tall and overgrown the bushes were in the upper left of that photo! I felt so bad because he got poison ivy, TWICE. Bad poison ivy but at least it was him and not me the girls. Sometimes I miss those shrubs. It blocked the view of the neighbors shed and the soccer fields behind us. Hopefully in spring we can get a privacy fence put up because, the current one has gotta go!

We are making more progress back there this week! On both sides of our sunroom we are pouring concrete. and there will be a sidewalk in front of the sunroom that connects them both.

Note to Self: Remove information sticker from the window! Oops.
This is right off the sunroom from the kitchen back door. A little down the line he wants to frame in his grill complete with storage and counters. Until then, the grill will sit a little off the patio and the space will house a lovely new patio set. I can't wait for that part. I have my eye on one at Home Depot. You cant see it but at the end of the sunroom is where we plan on putting a rain barrel!

This is where the sidewalk will connect to the other side of the patio. On the sides of the walkway that leads into the sunroom will be flower beds.

I'm excited about this spot. I am DIY'ing a large chalkboard to hang on the brick wall for the girls. Also, we're going to build a tall storage "shed" for outdoor toys and some lawn equipment. This is the side of the house where the garage is. Eventually, he's going to pour MORE concrete on the side of the house where he will park his boat and where the recycling bins and trash cans will be in their new covered home.

I can't wait to share more! We're hoping to get it done this week :)

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