Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dining Room Progress

Hey Everyone! I have been neglecting this blog I know, but I promise it's not on purpose! I started back to school last month so being a full time student and mother leaves very little time to devote to this blog. However, I do plan on posting more when I get caught up on homework and have a few moments of downtime, like now! There are a lot of updates that I need to share and tons of progress pictures in different areas of the house. Does anyone else jump around from room to room or is it just me?

I shared this mood board of our dining room awhile back:

I think the mood board is starting to reflect in our dining room. Here is a before:

The room hadn't evolved much from when we moved in. We did install French doors that lead to the sunroom and my hubby built the farmhouse tables from plans via Ana-White. However, it sat like this for awhile. I think the motivation wasn't there for my hubby because the walls had an ugly texture and he'd have to smooth them out before we could move forward. Fortunately (or unfortunately for him) his trade is in construction and drywall so the task came easy.

After the walls were sanded we picked a paint color a shade or two darker than the kitchen because we wanted the colors to flow. Originally, we had picked a different "brown" color but it had yellow undertones and did not fit the room at all. The color in the kitchen has gray undertones so the clash was horrible. We are learning that the first color choice isn't always the one we go with! Unfortunately, it's after we put it up on the wall haha. I don't have any pictures of the color before because I knew it wasn't staying! Yuck.

I took these "progress" pictures yesterday morning and last night my hubby started to install the crown molding, and wainscoting! He ran out of material so I am hoping it will be complete today so I can take some pictures and share them with you. It looks amazing in there right now! I am so excited.

Besides the chair rail and the paint color, he also built a tray ceiling! It completely makes the room in my opinion and I love it. I can't wait to see it with crown molding.

I am sorry for the quality of the photos, this room is super hard to photograph! Also, the light fixture is about ready to get the boot. We are having trouble finding one we like, but I am enjoying the hunt.

This wall is where the long shelving will go. I ordered this clock from Joss and Main today so I am really excited for that stage of the dining room. I am glad I ordered it when I did because it is now sold out.  Also, we still have to sand and paint our chairs and I am hoping it will be before it gets too cold here in Ohio!

This is the view into the kitchen. I am also on the hunt for a buffet table. We have one we are thinking about using but it needs to be painted and is currently sitting in our garage. I enjoy going to antique malls and flea markets so I am hoping I find one ready to go!

This is just an up close view of my fall table. I found those cool gourds at an antique mall and had to snatch them up. They were .75 each and home grown. Always a plus! The wooden pumpkins I purchased from Michaels.

I might have high hopes but I'd really like for the shelving to be up this weekend. We want to replace the flooring with wood tile but that might be down the line! Here is our to do list for the room:
  • Smooth walls
  • Paint
  • Paint trim
  • Paint french doors to sun-room
  • Paint chairs a navy color
  • Find a buffet for extra storage
  • DIY a clock (purchased)
  • DIY pallet frames
  • Add long shelving to the bare wall
  • Find a rug 
  • Replace flooring
  • DIY art
  • Tray ceiling?
  • Find new light fixture
It feels good to have some stuff checked off especially since they some were bigger than others!

Thanks for visiting :)