Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Simple Valentine's Day Hoop Art

I started this project with the intentions of making a tutorial of how I did this. I took maybe two pictures of the process and then determined it's too simple for a tutorial! It's very easy to recreate.

I like it but it sort of screams Fourth of July to me and not Valentine's Day. So I might throw in some pink around the hoop. Maybe washi tape? My mantle isn't quite done yet to share but I will once it's finished!

I've had these little punches laying around for the longest so I decided to put it to use. The blade was a little dull so I tried punching aluminum foil to sharpen it up.

It's a little trick I learned when I was blogging about scrapbooking. It worked a little bit but I think these punches have seen better days! It was super hard to punch which always is a bummer. I used hot glue to attach the hearts to the hoop. Some of the hearts I folded in half to make them look more dimensional.

How cute is this scrabble tile piece? I was at my local antique mall and found a few of these. It has made me want to hunt down all of the thrift stores around here so I can find old scrabble games. So much cuteness can be made from those tiles!

Pretty simple! Is anyone else over this snow? Or is it just me?

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